Monday, September 01, 2014

Monster High Monsters: C.A. Cupid

From my Deviantart Page:

Monster High is one of the greatest inventions of this decade. Stylistically speaking it is successful by combining unique ideas; in this case classic movie monsters with an upgraded modern fashion edge, which is then marketed to little girls. They are imaginative, strange, beautiful, versatile and have captured an audience beyond it's intended age group of preteen girls.

The original designs are, of course, meant to appeal to children therefore the 'monsters' have been stripped of everything that makes them, well, monsters.

Monster High Monsters is a series of art pieces that are intended to rethink the monster of Monster High. What if they were painted as they were meant to be, as the creatures and ideas that terrify us as a culture, as a society?

Monsters are, by definition, deadly, frightening- existing to lurk in the shadows, to serve as a cautionary tale, to keep us out of the woods and huddled by the fire in fear of what waits in the dark. What if THESE ideals were infused with the Monster High monsters?

Is it fanart? Well, sort of. I certainly am a fan of the series, though I am most definitely an adult. But I am an artist too; one that wants to see these strange, beautiful dolls from an adult perspective by exploring why monsters frighten us so and translating that into art.

C.A. Cupid is an interesting character of the series, described as a 'bone elemental'. Nothing is really known (or given) about the character which makes her perfect for expressing my own artistic vision for her. For this particular piece I had in mind a Japanese Noh mask, combined with Japanese mythology. Who knows what is beneath the flat white mask, her aging sagging breasts may communicate a terrible aged witch, or something unknown (which is the greatest fear of man).

Part 3 in a series of at least 12 different monsters.