Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The most bizarre thing you'll see all day

So I do a lot of random looking up on youtube. Documentaries, clips, videos, entertainment you name it. Every once in a while I'll come across something really unique and out there. Such as it was with this AMV:

The more I watched the more I was fascinated by the animation style and the sheer...weirdness of it all. So I looked up where the animation had come from and it's called Dimension Bomb and LOOK I found it for you on Veoh:

Watch dimension bomb in Cartoon | View More Free Videos Online at

I put both videos here for a reason. The AMV is very well put together and I think the soundtrack works very well with the overall feeling of the animation. In fact, almost moreso than the original soundtrack.

The original twenty minute short film is just.... well, if you ever wondered what an acid trip is like there you go. Not that I have personal experience but I imagine it's something like this.

Don't look for meaning or a plot or overall sense. Just enjoy the crazy amazing animation and random bizarre cuteness of the girl who has no name. I really liked her character design.

Like I said it's going to be the strangest thing you've seen all day but I think it's worth it.

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