Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sometimes I hate being an artist. Some days are really hard. When you've been rejected for the fiftieth time from a show, when no one is buying things from you, when no one seems to notice or care about the work you put into the world. It's really sad but I feel sometimes being an artist is tied to relying on validation from other people. If people comment then that must mean you're worth something as an artist. If people buy things that must mean you're doing something right. Then sometimes I think that if you want to be an artist you have to build up a thick shell of indifference and remember that you aren't doing this for the money, you can't do this for the money because that's all the wrong reasons to do it. Create because you have to, because it's what you were born to do and screw everybody else. Today I was rejected from another art show for no specific reason other than 'your work is not what we are looking for at this moment.' That happens a lot. So many rejections and you start to wonder if you're even any good. Some days are really hard.

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