Thursday, November 28, 2013

Psychonauts concept art by Scott C.

I'm trying to think of how to explain Psychonauts...hmmmm. So there's this world where ESP and telekenisis exists and in this world there is a camp for youngin's run by adults who are also super heroes. The hero of the story, Rasputin or Raz for short, has run away from his family life in the circus to join the ranks of the Psychonauts. I guess the camp is like training to become a super hero. So for the first part of the story/gameplay you do basic training and as you play you gain all sorts of powers.

Eventually we find out the camp is in danger and Raz must save everyone! But not before doing amazing things like rifling through the heads (and inner worlds) of different people, discovering an underwater city underneath the camp lake and discovering plots within plots! The imagination is unbelievable in this game. Beautiful, scary, humorous and my favorite thing an undercurrent of dark humor (on a whim I used pyrokinesis on an adorable little squirrel who then promptly was set on fire and turned into a food source for me, go figure) I'm telling you I've played and replayed this game for years and it doesn't get old. The one minor quibble I have about it is that you must possess an extraordinary hand-eye coordination capibility to get to the end (to BEAT the end), and the end part of the game is brutal. (yes, yes all you bastards that have beaten it without trouble, bully for you, now shut up and pity the rest of us who had to play it twenty times to beat it)

Also it's one of those games where if you die or fail you have to start that particular level/part all over again and those kinds of games drives me nuts. The repetiveness can get old and frustrating very fast.

The artwork was penned by the supurbly talented Scott C. who has since the creation of Psychonauts has gone on to bigger and better things (Psychonauts was released in...hmmm 2004? The concept was started ehh...1999? 2000? around there)

I don't know what else to say about the game. I really love it; the mark of a classic is when no matter how much time passes it remains amazing and that is Psychonauts. Pity they never went on to do a second one.

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