Friday, November 08, 2013

look who's fired up the old Etsy store

I had lots of things left over from the anime convention and couldn't really think of any place in town who wants geek/retro style things so I decided to try my luck with Etsy again. Which means I'll be posting things here to hopefully(?) bolster sales. LOOK! I HAS STUFF!

I have a lot of resin pieces that are really awesome (I thought) but for whatever reason didn't do very well at the convention. Not anime enough? I guess? Anyway I loved how these two necklaces turned out. I have another Blooper necklace that I kept because it was so freaking awesome. I found glow in the dark star confetti for the background and just couldn't part with it. Might make more if it sells.

The skull necklace was awesome too, I thought. Michaels had these awesome Halloween stickers and I made them into pendants.

So there is a ton of stuff up on the site; link's at the top of the blog. Please check it out and spread the word! The hardest part about being a seller on Etsy is getting exposure.

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