Monday, November 04, 2013

I'm actually really proud of these

Our current assignment for Photography is repetition. Now there are TONS of things I would like to do with this but we only get a week to go out and shoot things. It's really not enough time to set up a decent photo shoot, so I went with a relatively simple idea. Go around Reno and photograph a ton of old motels.

Now some of you may be wondering WHY Reno has such an overabundance of chintzy old motels dotted all over the place (actually more than half have been torn down since the 1970's). SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Reno, in the heyday of the 20's, was known as the Divorce Capital of the world (so proud!). This is where you went to get a divorce and to do so it took six weeks. There are also a ton of tiny art deco apartments all over the downtown area that are actually quite beautiful. They served as a part time residence for the soon-to-be divorced if they didn't want to live in a motel.

So you can add Divorce Capital along with gambling and prostitution. Although, to be honest in the last ten years Reno has become a completely different place; it's grown by the hundred thousand if the five Wal-marts are anything to go by. Hmm, I should do more photos of current Reno since the world seems to have a pretty dismal view of it.

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