Monday, October 14, 2013

Speaking of videos

Thinking back over the last couple of months I HAVE found a few gems of music/animation/entertainment. Let's start with Contre Temps off of Vimeo:

Contre temps from Contre temps Team on Vimeo.

NOTE: WATCH THIS FULL SCREEN OTHERWISE YOU'LL MISS DETAILS. My decrepit mind forgets how I ran across it but DAY-AM is it amazing. I admit I am darkly fascinated with the post-apocalypse scenario (Fallout anyone?) and this is a fresh look at the end of the word; what if the world was swallowed by water? This is like pre-Disney Pixar, the kinds of things they SHOULD be doing. It's very... intriguing to watch and you end up with a lot of questions. Can that guy be my butler? Why was a little kid living in the space the size of a closet, how long was she there and how on earth did she get there? Anyhoo, the usual jazz; excellent characters, beautiful animation, a plot that moves you right along and a dose of absolute charm.

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