Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So you say you like Steampunk?

Well, maybe you don't BUT I DO. Therefore you get a post with REALLY COOL THINGS of the Steampunk/Victorian-esque nature that I dream of decorating my home and person with. MMmmm, Etsy is a wonderful thing. Let's take a looksee:

Taken from Victorian Machines a fabulous store FILLED with amazing gadgets that look like they are straight out of a mad scientists home. Oh, the want is bad within me.

Steampunk headdress from Bubbles & Frown who incidentally have REALLY FREAKING AWESOME other headdresses that belong in a Vegas show room.

I think I have a thing for lighting. From Timberson

What's a Victorian scientific lab without a few stuffed animals and other dead things? From The Curio Emporium: An odd shop for the strange Mmm, I love that name.

Of course, what's Steampunk without goggles? Rather, SUPER GOGGLES from Gryphon's Egg

Thus has been our short magical tour through awesome things Steampunk.

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