Friday, October 18, 2013

Day of the Dead Masks

So for my other class (Sculpture!) we are doing a side project for Halloween which is to make a mask. Being stupidly over ambitious I wanted to do two or more and have found that there are too many masks I want to make!! I want to make a day of the dead mask because POW! Look at these!! So amazing! You could do so many different things with a mask like that. I wanted to make a Japanese Kabuki demon mask but I'm running out of time. I am making two plague doctor masks as well which will be made out of wire/plaster and spackle. I'll get into more details with that later (two because the first one, while I like it, has some mistakes in it and turned out very heavy and would be difficult to wear without it falling off)

So! I'll have a big mask update later when I have them finished. Until then enjoy these beauties.

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Anonymous said...

The last three masks are copyright Ann Shelby and you should give credit where credit is due. For you to just pull these off the internet without mentioning where you found them could also be a copyright violation. I will ask my attorney.