Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aaaaand back.

back from the land of the living dead just in time for Halloween. HAVE A VIDEO

I have not played League of Legends but have heard about it's adictibility (YES, that's a word because I made it up). A friend sent me a link to this and I think I've watched it at least twenty times by now. EVERYTHING about it is amazing. Naturally, the animation is gorgeous and I get Tank Girl vibes off of Jinx; the female character shown but there's so much more to it.

SO MANY PROS. One: female character that is WALKING DESTRUCTION and batshit crazy (look those red eyes!) Two: HOLY CRAP ON A STICK she doesn't have GIANT BREASTS!!! It's like a miracle come down from the mountain of female comic book characters. She actually has a proportional body. In other words she may be skinny as a rail but for once her chest matches her body type and she isn't doing the broken back pose so many female action characters get drawn in. Three: the first 40 seconds are pure bliss to watch.

MINOR CONS: She's still pretty much naked. Someday we're going to have a well-dressed, FULLY DRESSED heroine that looks good and isn't riding a hot pants wedgie. Minor quibble with one lyric - 'you'll get jinxed' in which when the line is sung Jinx mouths the words with Disney adorable face which DOES NOT FLY with her psychopathic, pure walking force of destruction character; if you are going to make her crazy and homicidal stick with it and don't make it cutsey. (or maybe it makes it more creepy? but, really, that small animated part looks like something straight out of Tangled and it's jarring). Other than that



Michelle said...

I can personally attest that, yes, LoL is a fun game. It does "suffer" from the fact that all the female champions tend to be extra well-endowed, but it hardly makes a difference in the game as the perspective is mostly top-down.

Also, welcome back! ^_^

Devicat said...

I'm the worst kind of blogger; a mix of narcissism, laziness and only occasional artistic mood swings. So you end up with someone who only updates every few months rather than every day like a good blogger.
Good news is I'm back into my artistic mood so for a while I'll bombard my blog with cool things. oh, also, THANK YOU I'm glad someone noticed my presence on the internets

Michelle said...

That's what RSS feeds are for. So we can still enjoy even the laziest of bloggers ;)

Since you like the post-apocalypse so much, have you heard of the manga Blame!? It's got that post-apocalyptic feel coupled with AMAZING art.

Looking forward to all the upcoming cool posts :D

Devicat said...

SWEET!! New manga unlocked; I'll look into it. thanks :)