Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treasures from afar. Or at least a few hours drive

A little while ago I made a trip with my family to the Bay Area, California. It's a nice thing when you live only about four hours away; you can get up early and arrive by the time the stores are opening, eat lunch, shop and then be off before commute traffic sets in. Well, there are many MANY places to visit in San Fransisco and the Berkely area (you can probably find anything there if you look hard enough)but a new favorite of mine happens to be Castle in the Sky .

There are antiques and crafting supplies (the fancy kind; imported from Europe) and it's a little bit like grandma's attique and a museum mixed with pretty paper things. I ended up buying a French ephemera cutout in which there were an abundance of them. I had a hard time choosing ( I really wanted the submarine too) but I went with a theatre/game roulette scene.

They sell these on their website and I do have to warn you they are time consuming and addictive.

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Louise said...

It's beautiful!!!!! I lovely this shop.