Friday, June 21, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I have no internet and you can thank AT&T for it; I made the huge, massive mistake of 'upgrading' to the Uverse. and when I say 'upgrading' I mean forced migration - AT&T decided for me it was time to get rid of DSL. Everything was perfectly fine until I upgraded and now I've been out of internet services for a week and haha, I'm still paying for internet service I'm not even receiving

The tally;

- One used modem shipped to me that may be damaged

- AT&T has informed me a glitch has canceled my service but it's been fixed. I've been told FIVE TIMES it's been fixed. It's not fixed

- Count them, TWELVE TWELVE calls to AT&T tech. to resolve the issue and closing in ten HOURS of phone time


-Everybody is so, so sorry but does JACK to solve the problem

-Have been told four times 'we'll call you back'. They don't call back

-The one time someone DID call it was FIVE TWENTY IN THE MORNING

So thank AT&T for the sterling service and for giving me an aneurysm with their SPECTACULARLY HORRIBLE service. The greatest part? My rage is impotent; if I go to another service (which there aren't many) they don't give a crap. I'm still going to pay for all the time I am not receiving service, they are not going to reimburse me, THEY DON'T CARE. One piddly ant out of the masses for a corporation to stomp on.

I...I have no words! How does this even happen?!? AND I STILL DON'T HAVE INTERNET. How can you screw up so COMPLETELY, fail so utterly HARD at customer service?? What the hell are they doing? Do they not have knowledge of their own product? Don't know how it works? Is there someone who can actually do their job?

Instead let's give our thanks to public libraries. Yes, libraries are wonderful and have INTERNET SERVICE THAT WORKS. Even if the chair I'm sitting on has put my ass to sleep I still love them.

Well internet, take heed; STAY AWAY FROM AT&T. Take my story to heart, I have no idea when I'll be getting internet service again. Want to take a wager how long it'll take to get their act in gear and actually DO SOMETHING? I'm hedging for a full month (which I'll be paying them for doing absolutely nothing). This has been the worst experience I have EVER had with a company, it is BEYOND ridiculous, beyond appalling- this is almost criminal in their depths of negligence. If I thought I had a chance I'd take them to court. Feel free to pass this around. I'm angry.

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