Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creepy cute; it's a strange line to blur

I admit it; I have a collection of trashed old toys that border on antique and freaky. They are missing eyeballs, fur, limbs but they are still endearing to me. Why, I wonder? The history they represent? The love that trashed them? The fact they survived time so far? Dunno. Maybe I kind of like freaking guests out when they sleep in the extra room with all the chewed up, nightmare inducing things I've collected over the years. Like so:

some of these I don't think are old; in fact I think the double headed cat is probably recently made but I still love it and want to buy it. It's such a happy shade of red/pink.

Aw, he wants a hug.

Maybe its fascinating that something that once brought joy and light to some kids life is now scaring the crap out of people with it's weird camera angle and sinister glinting eyes.

It's like its staring into your soul. Ah, I would love to put him on the guest bed.

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