Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ahhh, the bad blogger returns with more things. The good news is I have been doing a lot of art things. Bad news is I am entering Grad school and its scary and takes up lots of time. wooow. I've had this thing for a really really REALLY long time. This is my Steampunk hat for the Steampunk Expo being held in my city this year. I cannot even tell you how painful and long it was to make this thing. Embroidery is not for the weak of heart. I BLED, SWEATED AND CRIED to make this thing and I will NEVER make another one if it can be helped. Massive amount of hours went into this and it will SPARKLE LIKE A DIAMOND IN THE SUN when I wear and all will turn to me and look in AWE. besides I found an actual copper colored prom dress to go with it, HA! can't wait for that Expo. Its in May. Looots of photos shall be taken.

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