Saturday, October 13, 2012

XBOX 360 Fallout fans pay attention

I am promoting the hell out of this. I am a huge fan of small production companies like the Guild and Journey Quest (which will get their own posts in the future) so I was so very pleased (so pleased, I let out a fangirl squeal I am ashamed to say) when I found by complete accident a fan made video of the Fallout universe.

Fallout is a game by the Bethesda sofworks which allows the player to run around in post apocalyptic America, scrambling for survival in a harsh land where giant roaches are the least of your worries. There is something mesmerizing about the game; it's just you and your trusty weapon against all the crazy out to eat you/kill you/sell you into slavery. Vast stretches of waste, distant reminders of a flourishing culture long gone to dust and advanced technology combined with almost primitive conditions make for a fascinating game play.

and then someone ( Wayside Creations) had to go and made a professional, wonderful, hilarious short film about it. Without further ado: Fallout: Nuka Break.

Ah, but it doesn't end there! So great was the response that they continued on to make an entire season! Episode One of Fallout: Nuka Break

And currently in production for a second season. I am so utterly impressed with the production of Fallout: Nuka Break. They have the universe down to a T. Clothing, terminology, props, weapons, vast wastelands (where was this filmed?) ghost towns and spot on CG. The makeup of Ben the Ghoul would have Glenn Hetrick's approval, the acting is smooth, the lines aren't clunky and or stuttery, everyone on the cast has great interaction with one another (the various bounty hunters/Raiders are HILARIOUS).

Twig is adorable and wonderful as the comic foil, Scar(lett) is bad ass and sexy (though you'd think she'd sunburn with all that lovely white skin exposed in the harsh waste!) and Ben is wonderful as the subtle brains-behind-the-operation, jerk with a (sort of) heart of gold character (is it wrong I have a slight crush on him?).

All I can say is ROCK ON Wayside Creations. Rock the freak on. And hey, people reading this, if you are a fan, spread the word. That's how artists get by and get known.


Michelle said...

Ha, that was awesome!!

M. Jewett said...

I am inspired to make a Fallout costume now.