Thursday, October 25, 2012

When Halloween lost its meaning

Somewhere along the way from childhood days spent in anxious anticipation for that one night of the year when you could gorge yourself on sugar and puke to your hearts content it stopped being about creativity and magic and becoming something else. it became what is now known as 'sexy *insert costume here*'. Sexy 'costumes' are positively crammed down our throats.

(and yea, if Sexy whatever is your thing- awesome for you but when it's the ONLY option available at stores it becomes a problem on many levels and that is what I'm addressing)

So I bring the ladies Take Back Halloween Giving you ideas for historical and mythological figures for Halloween.

I am SO dressing as Athena - look at the awesome helmet! Now that's a warrior goddess done right.

On a more humorous note is the %#^%# No Sexist Halloween movement you can find Here

It's hard to choose the most offensive costume and you often wonder what the hell was the thinking behind the creation of these 'costumes'? Do we really need a sexy crayon? and a banana?

Bring back creativity in Halloween!!!

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