Sunday, October 07, 2012

Manga you may not have heard of

You get a 2-fer for this manga post. Long, long ago in the days of (my)youth when anime and manga were unknown but to the most geekiest there was an exciting anime called Legend of Basara that had but 13 episodes and was yanked from the air, never to be seen again. Unless you read the manga. Which you should. Yumi Tamura is the creator of this series and has a love of destruction. Far in the future the world as we know it has been completely annihilated. From the rubble humanity arose anew but was set back to hacking at each other with swords and riding horses instead of humvees. Thus! in the midst of tyranny and kings and oppression there rose a prophecy of the child who will deliver the people out of blood and misery! But woe! TWINS are born; which is the chosen child!? Sasara (the girl) is raised in the shadow of Tatara (her brother) who is believed to be the chosen one until he gets his head hacked off. Yup, that's just the first volume of this epic 26 volume series. Love! Betrayal! Vengeance! Lots of blood! Everything that makes manga entertaining along with a huge colorful cast of characters, dramatic and involved storyline and plenty of ladies who kick all kinds of ass. Along those lines:
Yumi Tamura's most recent work; 7 Seeds. Following along the same lines of life in a apocalyptic world we follow a group of ragtag survivors who have been 'chosen' to survive the destruction of humanity and repopulate the world. Over a 100 chapters in and we still don't know the fundamentals like how the world fell apart, how far in the future have they been sent, how many people have survived (so far only the few groups of '7 seeds' located in Japan and if they will survive long enough to establish a shelter or town. I'd take 7 Seeds over Lost any day and it's barely begun it's storyline. Sadly, you'll have trouble finding Legend of Basara anywhere - I haven't found a site that hosts the manga and it's been out of print for a long time. 7 Seeds can be found on Manga Fox or Manga Reader.

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