Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

In time for spooooky Halloween I found some creepy doll pictures.

What is it about dolls that give us such a creep factor? I own dolls, I appreciate them as art pieces and I wholly admit that sometimes in the night I wonder if they are inching their way towards me with a butchers knife.

I suppose it comes down to psychology; perhaps what they represent to our stubborn unconscious brains is that of a dead body - tiny, still, pale, unnatural, creepy. Although to be fair this particular example is actually an ivory carved antique medical example of a woman giving birth so creepy AND educational.

There is actually a place in Mexico which some of you may recognize from an episode of Destination Truth called the Island of the Dolls. Best. Episode. Ever. And so appropriate for today.

They should make a movie out of that place. Once upon a time a little girl drowned in the nearby water and took to haunting the island. To placate the child ghost caretakers of the island began to buy dolls and hang them from the trees. Over the years the dolls have eroded and supposedly have picked up the wrathful energy of the tormented spirit.

The eyes follow you and if you are quick enough you can see a head swivel to look at you. SPOOOOKYYY!!!

finding the episode for free online is pretty hard; once it was on but I think it's been taken down. Hulu has it but you have to pay to see it. If you want to cough up the money you can just go and buy the third season of Destination truth.

I think I'll let Josh Gates sum up the whole creepy doll thing.

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