Thursday, October 18, 2012

plant I was rewatching 'old' movies that suited Halloween this week and came across the 1986 Little Shop of Horrors with Rick Moranis and was struck with a wave of nostalgia. God, the 80's rocked. It's weird that as a five or six year old my parents let me watch this movie but they did. Stranger still that it left a huge impression on me. This song especially - For whatever reason it struck an emotional chord within my itty bitty five year old mind. The desperate yearning of Semour to get out of Skid Row made me cry (go figure, I was an emotional kid) Watching it now I find it a campy, wonderfully hilarious musical. I kinda wish I had a little Audrey plushie or something. Singing (evil) plants, S & M Dentists and murder! It's a wonder I didn't grow up more strange than I have.

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Random said...

I really enjoyed watching this a couple months ago when they released it with the original ending. It's great watching the plants cut loose in tentacle-stomping train-swallowing fashion. If you haven't seen the original (unhappy) ending you should.

Or 1:40 here: