Wednesday, August 08, 2012

dino1 dino2 Dino hunting over the weekend; alas the quarry was too large to take home so there are only photos to commemorate the event.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

stache1 What a naughty artist I am. Are you sad that I don't post everyday? I'm thinking I should be a more ardent poster of posts. Well, now that that's settled; I've been busy-ish. again. After numerous disasters with trying to earn a wage in this world by being (ha) an artist in a hick town and not having the money and gumption to move to L.A. or some other godawful city where artists usually live I've been trying my literary talents. That's why I haven't really been around; between woeful depression and anxiety about well, no one seems to want to hire me and worrying about little things like food and paying for car insurance, its difficult to get into a mood to create things. Sorry about that. All goodwill and prayers towards an actual paying vocation wil be appreciated. Until then I'll try to be better about posting. Look - its Octostache! I'll be selling him at an up and coming anime convention and maybe on Etsy if anybody bothers to tell me they actually want one. Until then the Etsy store stays offline.