Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Steam Jewelry


I made the mistake of going to Michaels the other day and came across another new brand of steampunk inspired bits n' pieces. So of course I had to buy some. The locket you see here is what I bought and I added bits and pieces of things I had sitting around and have collected for the last few years. I did take a little artistic liberty with the locket; originally it had a blue rhinestone on the propellor but I wanted a tiny gear instead and had the parts to do it. I bought a couple of other pieces and those will be used for the outfit I'm sewing. I should also add that the wonderful bit of watch pieces on the inside of the locket is also something I added - it is NOT included!


Michelle said...

Came across this page recently, and thought you might be interested, if you hadn't known about it already:

Michelle said...

Just noticed those are all pretty pricey, but maybe they could be inspirational for your own designs! ^_^