Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Steampunk Gun Post

It started with this. A super soaker I bought for a couple of dollars at a thrift store. I gazed upon it and said, 'THAT would make a sweet Steampunk gun. With a little paint.' So I got some gesso and smacked on a couple of coats (after cleaning it up, of course.)
It looks kinda cool just like this. But then I though, weeelll copper, gold and a dark wood color would work really well.
In progress. And a lot of progress it took. It takes about four layers of acrylic paint to cover everything. If anyone feels like taking on this sort of project I might humbly ask that you start with something a bit smaller than a supersoaker. Many, MANY hours went into painting this thing. But the end result was worth it:
You should see it in the sun, it SHINES and its purty. I can't wait for the comic cons this summer, mwahahaha.

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