Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Funny little story. Way back in the days of the dinosaurs when I was in high school I watched MTV. A lot. and there was this one video that was all...Gothic-y and angsty and silly but I enjoyed it (and it had absinthe!)and lo over ten years passed and all I had left were images of ravens and a flappy Gothic dinner jacket and the vague feeling I really enjoyed the video whose name I could not recall for the life of me. That was a over a month ago and hard as I tried to remember rock/alternative bands of the late 90's - soundgarden, stabbingwestward, I could NOT REMEMBER the name. it was driving me crazy understand (my memory is usually pretty damn good). and then I FOUND IT. and feel the need to share for that is the depth of my vexations. Besides, its all Gothic goodness and whathisname of NIN is pretty hot in this video. ha! Enjoy.

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