Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Speaking of Birds


I liked how this turned out even if it did take an ungodly amount of time to put together the tail-end. I have peacocks on the brain; I was watching For Your Home on PBS when they were showcasing up and coming interior designers and I saw this pillow, not just any pillow but the most frivolous, decadent, utterly gorgeous pillow that had two sweeping peacocks all done in embroidery and beads and..and...I want it. So I made myself a peacock which, while may not be anywhere near the class of the pillow I saw, satisfies my inner lust for pretty things (for the moment anyway).
Further inspiration can be taken from history; near the turn of the century during the Arts and Crafts (or was it Art Nouveau?) the peacock was a theme used for decoration - wallpaper, furniture, stained glass, there are some beautiful works of art from that period. I believe the peacock symbolized immortality, peacock lore isn't my strong point.
I didn't cut him from a pattern, I actually sketched one after looking at some different photos of fabric birds. I don't know if his body works all that well, it could probably be better but I was mostly focused on the tail. the crown of beads on his head was an afterthought but I really like it. For some reason my camera has a hard time photographing his eyes, which are rhinestones. the rest is recycled fabric (it used to be a jacket!). I may do a larger version.

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