Wednesday, January 05, 2011

On That Note

Here's a handful of unique and inspirational stores online! To start with Tokyo Milk, fine parfum and beautiful gifts. I love LOVE their package designs, in fact I would buy their items just for the packaging but fortunately their products are wonderful too^^

Next is something I just ran across this morning while watching a home decorating show Natural Curiosities, home decoration focusing on the Victorian naturalistic movement. There were too many beautiful prints to choose from but I loved the octopus (and yes, those are real butterflies).

And lastly is something I ran across in a magazine some years ago, a modern dandy who started his own line of unique products DL & Co. Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods. Many beautifully crafted candles and curious objects.

I love collecting strange and beautiful sites like these but seem to have trouble finding them. If anybody has a favorite site that falls into this kind of category - steampunk, victorian, goth, naturalistic type of decor, would you please share?

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