Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Of Collectors and Horders


I suppose I fall somewhere in between. Its rather unfortunate (or, fortunate - for me) that most people pass up second hand stores for home decoration, books and clothes (and a number of other things). The majority of amazing things in my home have been found in thrift stores, flea markets, thrift shops. My blue dog here is a recent item I found at Savers. I didn't find his mate (and I assume he had one, don't these statues usually come in pairs?) but he was so beautiful I couldn't pass him up and look how he gorgeous he makes my bookshelve look! Someday I would love to afford things like Natural Curiosities but until I hit the jackpot I'm completely happy with my thrifting.


Michelle said...

Yes, he should have a mate. She would have her paw resting on a baby lion, instead of a ball, b/c she is the mother. Poor guy!

M. Jewett said...

argh! I thought so... but now I know a little more about him, thank you^^

Michelle said...

You're welcome! Just a bit of trivia I learned from eating at lots of Chinese restaurants ^_^