Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book Art: Flora & Fauna


It's difficult to label these boxes; what umbrella do they fall under? Book art? Collage? Shadow Boxes? Its one thing I appreciate about art using paper, the vast and unlimited imagination of using literally any object you can find. Anything can be incorporated and I do plan on making one box made completely from found objects (I'm like a weird little magpie like that - I pick up strange random things I find on the ground. Mostly lost earrings, small toys and ephemera). Inspiration in large part was due to this wonderful book I found Altered Art that is full of color photographs of fantastic and strange things. My favorite was the lobster made out of old sports gear. The lovely bird box was made from gorgeous die cuts from a local scrap book store in Reno, Scrapbook Paradise that carries unique items (including Steampunk images!). Everybody else will have to make due with online stores and/or their own local scrapbook spots.

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