Friday, October 15, 2010

Steampunk It

I got tired of not having enough money for a Victorian hat to buy on Ebay so I went ahead and made my own Steampunky Victorian hat. I think it turned out just fine. You know, it looks complicated but its really not.

I used;
-a cardboard box
-two different sized bowls
-black felt/recycled material
-black thread
-hot glue/elmers glue
-old parts from a clock
-feathers bought from Michaels
-head band from a dollar store

I cut out three different parts from the cardboard - the rim, band and top of hat then covered it with glue and applied black felt to it. I hot glued the parts together, sewed the edges of the felt together then added the decorative elements (I was super lucky to find an old broken clock to scavenge for parts. Those parts make all the difference but you can get gears ect. at Michaels)
Then I just glued it to the head band. The End!

1 comment:

Ertal77 said...

I simply love it! I'll try to make it in a 1:12 scale for my dollhouse.