Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Weekend Book Sale

Did I write about this before? I'm having a strange sense of having done this before... oh well. Yes! Every end of October is a HUGE book sale and here be some treasures.

These two are my favorite - they were in the 'special' collections part of the sale.

I remember when (AAGGH!!SNOCK!!I don't like saying that phrase...) Cartoon Network used to play Space Ghost Coast to Coast at night and I freaking loved that show. I still have SG Musical Barbecue somewhere...
So here's an amusing picture of Space Ghost.

And I had to buy Aquaman because he's the most hilariously useless superhero in the world. He...talks to fish. and gets caught in nets, apparently.

The main villian(s) of this book; ENCOURAGED ALIENS!!!!

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