Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucky Find

Further proof that second-hand stores ROCK! I found this at the Salvation Army for a few dollars and it is possibly the best softie book I have ever read. Even though published 35 years ago every design in here is still attractive and usable today. (I mean, seriously, have you ever seen craft books from the 70's? Not always attractive) So I decided to try my hand at one.

Ms. Skunk is a medium sized plushie done entirely in felt (felt is AWESOME for making plushies). I changed the look just slightly from the book (you can see their version on the cover)

Partially hand-stitched and partially machine sewn it actually didn't take too long to make (only because my machine was behaving). I really wanted to make it look like a Dream Pet because those are my favorite.

I have to say that about every single project in this book is fantastic. There is an Alice in Wonderland project that I am aching to get started along with making the rest of the woodland creatures (and the super cute doggy's and doll's ect. ect.) I think I've got enough plush projects to last me the rest of the year.

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