Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Book Arts Post

Over the long period of time I've had this blog I'm certain I posted snippets of Book Arts things before but it occured to me that Book Arts, still being a new and relatively unknown field, is something most people don't know about. Allow me enlighten you!

Typically book arts is the use of paper in an artistic form that uses the print-press in it somewhere, somehow. The use of text, along with wood block carving or a linoleum block (or many other things) is often used in book arts. This is one project I did in my last year of college; the little book of sushi.

I can say from experience putting together a relatively simple project like this was very, very time consuming so don't get into book arts unless you have a lot of time! Book arts requires time and minute precision; often if your measurements are off by just a little your whole project is thrown off and ruined.

Book arts incorporates many, many, MANY aspects of book binding, stamps, art, folding, cutting ect. ect. ect. This is a practice piece for the coptic stitch that is like a scrap book of random items I had in my scrap drawer.

Yet another aspect of book arts includes using the printing press to make a broadside; what you see below that looks like a poster of sorts. You'll have to excuse the simplicity of my design; this was the first I've ever made so there are mistakes.

So there you have a tiny, tiny introduction to world of books arts! A never-ending fascinating and wonderful art.


onegirlinthetub said...

wow, these are really adorable. i love kooky stuff like this
well done :)

M. Jewett said...

thanks! i hope book arts gets more recognition in the future.

Bellam said...

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