Friday, June 11, 2010

Antiquing We Shall Go

If you hadn't guessed junk finding/antiquing is my pastime (or obsession) so of course I didn't pass up the chance to go the antique market this weekend! Mostly I can't afford antique markets (unlike flea markets who are cheaper, usually) but it sure is fun to look to see what everyone brings. Most of the vendors come from neighboring states - from Salt Lake City to San Francisco

Turn-of-the-century glass

I have these on my bathroom cabinet; actually I could strip down my entire house for antique fixtures.

Now THIS was fascinating; this lady had vintage jewelry and off to one side she had what she called her 'therapy' table. Literally, fifty pounds of random (or lost?) pieces of everything you could imagine.

This was INSANE. My mother and I spent at least 40 minutes combing through the piles (and never did find a matching pair of earrings). I found some sweet rings and pendants and took a picture of the earrings I liked but had no chance of finding the mate. She wanted a quarter for every piece you wanted but I thought she should either charge by the pound or give it to you for free if by some fantastic chance you managed to find the matching mate. You could spend DAYS sifting through that pile. This was a very small antique fair; I only came away with a few pieces (spending about $11 overall) but it was a good start to my weekend^^

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