Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Goldfish Post

Small break from boxes. I love goldfish! One of my future plans is to have a huge fish tank filled with bubbly eyed, fat goldfish (whom I will train to attack soliciters and Jehovahs witnesses). I've always loved fish but I love those funky (probably inbred, poor things, like bulldogs) wonky goldfish the best. So I went through a phase where I found out everything I could about goldfish. (wow, that's an ooold, old piece of art - I think I drew that in 2003)

Obligatory anime styled art piece. (so cute!)

A few facts about goldfish; they are nature's super poopers. They can probably poop twice their own weight in one day. This is one very good reason why you should never EVER plunk a goldfish in a tiny little bowl and expect him to survive. Actually, putting a goldfish into a tiny space will ensure that he will die very quickly - when in proper conditions with love n' care goldfish can live up to THIRTY YEARS. Each goldfish needs about ten gallons of water to thrive happily and will grow according to the size of it's environment. So when I see things like this:

Oh, it's so cool looking! But so very unhealthy for the fish. I wouldn't expect them to survive more than a few weeks even if you DO clean it everyday (doesn't matter, it's still like living in a toilet bowl to them). Isn't it interesting to see what stereotypes and advertising do? We all see cute little goldfish in tiny little bowls and think it's their natural environment when actually it's a slow and painful death to them. I know it seems silly but I don't like to think of any living creature suffering like that because of ignorance and wrong information. Which brings us to this

You're very own live (but not for long) goldfish keychain from China. Of course they're still eating dogs in some parts over there aren't they? So who the hell cares about some stupid tiny fish. who thought up this stupid and wasteful idea? what's the point? so anyway, treat living creatures with respect, even goldfish deserve a little love. and THAT is the goldfish post.

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