Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A while back I was fortunate enough to have purchased a Japanese Bento set in which I have only recently (today, haha) been able to use. I am converted!!! I tried a few dishes for my lunch; let's walk through it shall we?

Cute tote that carries...

My bento!! But what's inside?!

A 'Naruto Roll' is something I tried from my bento cook book (and no, ha ha, it isn't related to the anime). It's super easy; roll together a slice of cheese, ham and nori strip and cut into bite size pieces. It actually tastes good; the nori goes well with the cheese and ham.

The teriyaki chicken with sushi rice is unbelievably good. SO GOOD. Once upon a time there was an actual Japanese restaurant here in Reno that served actual Japanese dishes (not sushi). I can't even begin to tell you how heartbroken I was when it went out of business but this teriyaki chicken tastes just like it was from that restaurant! So happy.

Side dishes. When I got my bento set I was a little dismayed by the size. Like any good American I'm used to supersized proportions so these little bitty containers that fit into the palm of my hand seemed like if I actually used them I would end up starving. Ah, how wrong I was - between the top and bottom layers of my bento I wasn't able to finish everything here. Not only that but everything was low calorie, delicious and filling. I am SOLD on bentos, I could absolutely eat something like this everyday. The only super sad thing is the Japanese use a lot of eggs in their diet and I'm super allergic to them, so that cuts out a lot ideas to fill my bento. What I love is you don't have to stick to a stictly Japanese style meal, hell you could make PB & J if you wanted. The only problem is -

Preperation and cleanup. It is SO totally worth making but somewhat time consuming with the cooking, chopping, boiling. Maybe I'll get faster with practic. Now! The dishes!

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