Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What can I say? I've been inspired (though I still haven't seen the movie I did enjoy reading Alice in Wonderland as a kid). This is what I did all weekend and most of yesterday. I really wanted to take photos of my creations outside, picnic style with cute saucers and a nice green background but the weather isn't cooperating and it's still to early for green (maybe I'll reshoot later in the spring).

The Cheshire Cat is all felt and he looks a little crazy doesn't he? I had fun making him.

The White Rabbit is all felt except for his jacket which is made from a recycled coat.

and lastly Alice took a reaaallyyy long time to make mostly because my sewing machine is a troubled creature that needs to be coaxed (i.e. tampered with, smacked, re-threaded, re-oiled, God-I-wish-I-could-afford-a-better-one). Her body is made out of...hmmm...I think it was muslin or canvas, I can't remember I bought the fabric a couple years ago for a different project and everything else is felt and scraps of lace and tulle I've collected. Yes, I think I will retake pictures when the weather is better.
oh. the little cake is all felt too.

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