Friday, February 12, 2010

Felt Food

From the Japanese felt food book, My Favorite Felt Sweets. It's hard to explain why I feel the overwhelming urge to make felt food; I know a lot of (sane) people go 'what's the point? you can't eat it'. Maybe it only makes sense in the crazy world of artists where form and color and shape are like drugs. Just the thought of putting together something like this and making it work fills me with a kind of greedy joy. Look what I can do, and if I can do this what else can I do? You're only bound by the limits of your imagination.
This particular piece (fruit shortcake from page one) is one time consuming lengthy project. This is only part of it and it took me a few hours to put together. There are five more pieces to go. One ingenious little idea from the book was to use styrofoam instead of stuffing for the slices of cake.

Of course not everything that you make will turn out looking like the pictures in the book; I realized that after I stuffed this pinwheel dessert that I probably should have used styrofoam again or cardboard to keep it looking, well like it was stuffed.

And finally one of my favorite objects in the world; donuts! There is something really happy and pleasing about going into a donut shop and just staring at all the different donuts (ahh, Krispy Kreme!). Asides from tasting good the donut is eye pleasing too. It's rather unfortunate that it's taken the U.S. so long to get into felt crafts and bring over crafting books from Japan, who seems to reign supreme in the crafting arena. There are tons of books on Ebay but non-translated and expensive (about twenty-five to forty-five dollars per book).

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