Saturday, January 09, 2010

As promised, with my camera battery recharged I have exciting new photos. What could it be? It's my Christmas present to me! Finally, after spending so many years loving Japanese culture I bought my own Bento set.

Which includes

Crazy adorable soy sauce (and any other condiment) containers and

Bento box with drawstring tote. Also

Onigiri sponge!! and okay, I admit the manga cook book looks like its for kids (and that's probably a good thing because that's about my level with Japanese cooking) but inside

there are quite a number of easy recipes and my favorite desserts. Now I will leave you with one more funky and hilarious Japanese kitchen item:

Happy face nori punch so you can make HAPPY sushi. If anybody is interested in buying their own awesome Bento go to JBOX.COM

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