Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Entry for the student art show; complete fluff called 'seeing spots'. not much of a point of putting a serious art piece in the show because for some strange reason the only person who ends up winning is the head of the Art Club (happens every year). This will probably get in the door but the pieces that end up winning are always huge ass paintings (seriously, like twenty by twenty feet) and odd sculpture pieces. Not that i have anything against painting (hell, i love oils, i wish i had more time to do them) and sculpture its more like the judge and people in the art club for some reason believe that the only real 'art' is cutting edge modernism. the weirder the more 'edgy' and artistic it is. over the last four years winning entries have been literally junk; this idiot went to the local dump picked up a broken record and it won first place. can you tell this aggravates the hell out of me? especially since i'm paying money to be in the contest? oh well, its cute, its got a lot of color, it'll look nice on my wall when the contest is over.

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