Friday, May 22, 2009


Sadly, this was my last semester in the Book Arts. My last project, after a semester of focusing on folded paper was the Cootie Catcher (which i'm sure any girl knows how to make at one point or another in their lives). Its actually a real neat bit of origami that's easy to make. There are many variations of the fortune part but i wanted to keep it simple so i only have four numbers and fortunes.
The poems i picked were fun (if a bit depressing) focus on fortune:
Number 1
'The wheel of fortune turns I go down, demeaned another is raised up far too high' - Hecuba
Number 2
'Fate in health and virtue, is against me driven on, weighted down' - Carmina Burana
Number 3
'Fortune good night smile, once more turn thy wheel' - Shakespeare
Number 4
'And thus does fortune's wheel turn treacherousely and out of happiness bring men to sorrow'-Chaucer

The parts that were letter pressed were the actual fortune and the Colophon (the publishers mark stating where and when it was printed). It took some doing to make sure everything lined up correctly so when i folded them everything was in the right place.

As you can see it also makes a very interesting geometric form when you unfold it. Also in order for the numbers and decoration on the outside to work you have to do it on a diagonal, therefore those parts are hand done in a calligraphy pen and a hand-made stamp because diagonal on the press bed is a hair-ripping, homicidal-inducing experience i didn't want to go through. I'm sad that i'm not in the class anymore but very happy that the professor says i can come back and do more projects when i want to (and also help out with cleaning, volunteering and putting away type)

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