Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its a sad thing to discover The Maxx 10 or more years since it has been published. All my years of rooting through second-hand stores this is only the second comic i've ever come across and i love them both. Particulary the treatment of women's figures; i don't know if i've EVER seen a more true treatment of how women really look in comics then i've seen in the Maxx. i LOVE the full figured women who are round and sexy instead of stickly and all tits n' ass like...well... 90% of all other American comics (understandable i suppose considering the audience is mostly horny teenage boys).
The amazing detail in just this one issue makes me super happy. look at the profile of the young women, the shadows, the lines, haggard expression that really convays her station in life (the comic is about welfare and living in very, very tiny apartments).
not to mention i really REALLY want one of those caps with the WW2 goggles.

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