Tuesday, March 24, 2009

self portrait; lost world of cupcakes. um, i was bored.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kokeshi dolls; wooden shapes and acrylic paint. Someday i would like to move onto oil paints but i don't have the time or money at the moment. Surprisingly the wooden shapes aren't all that cheap; the egg-shape piece of wood is about three dollars and the head a little over a dollar. Well, when you're a broke artist (or just broke, most the time, like me) it adds up. i'll have to look into buying a group of them.

Its a sad thing to discover The Maxx 10 or more years since it has been published. All my years of rooting through second-hand stores this is only the second comic i've ever come across and i love them both. Particulary the treatment of women's figures; i don't know if i've EVER seen a more true treatment of how women really look in comics then i've seen in the Maxx. i LOVE the full figured women who are round and sexy instead of stickly and all tits n' ass like...well... 90% of all other American comics (understandable i suppose considering the audience is mostly horny teenage boys).
The amazing detail in just this one issue makes me super happy. look at the profile of the young women, the shadows, the lines, haggard expression that really convays her station in life (the comic is about welfare and living in very, very tiny apartments).
not to mention i really REALLY want one of those caps with the WW2 goggles.

Friday, March 13, 2009

one more thing because i think they look very interesting; the carved linoleum blocks i used for my broadsides. i would LOVE to take the big hand one and run around the school and city stamping random hands everywhere. of course now i just incriminated myself, ha ha. you never heard this from me.

I keep giving people cut off art pieces; soorry. if i took a picture of it, it would look really bad (i've tried that before). anyway, this is the second broadside of the semester and again, it was a pain to produce. that's the trouble with the printing press; its a very nit-picky process where sometimes the end result is very different from what you had in mind. well, for the rest of the semester i'll be focusing on folded pieces of paper (origami and the like). i'll post those during the next couple of months.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ohhh, a THIRD Victorian ad fully inked in! Brought this one in for critique today and overall did good. had some very good suggestions i'm looking forward to doing; overall make it larger, on Bristol board, add color to it, more text, fix the title typography (not victorian enough) and add some more nasty side effects. this is surely something i can continue doing, i have a ton of ideas for more drug/beauty ads.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

DIE BY CUTE!!! Catchy phrase. Eight inch Kokeshi dolls painted in acrylic because i loooove to procrastinate when there's a math exam on the horizon. i have two inch ones too but they aren't painted yet. I bought the shapes from Ben Franklin; wooden egg and sphere shapes with hot glue and clay hair. I think i'm going to build a whole army of them; i really like them. but the detailing is a pain in the butt (lots of hours with a tiny, tiny brush)