Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its fascinating to see how anime and Japanese culture so influences our own. This is Camilla d' Errico's work(again from Hi Fructose). I really, really love the super vibrant colors and expressions of the girls and it makes me wonder about modern artists. In high school (ten years ago, ha ha) my friends and i discovered the wonders of anime and i could say that it strongly influenced all of us as artists. Although now everyone has gone off onto their own styles i think anime had a large influence at one point (except for Katie who i think was a born genius for animation no matter what culture she was looking at. i think i remember her drawing perfect Ren and Stimpy cartoons before anime, so she's just special)
Its funny how art developed for me; i never made it my life's work like my other friends did out of high school. in fact for a long time it was secondary, something i did when i was bored or had a particular idea while i was studying or something but a few years ago i gave up and admitted that the only thing i really want to do in life (no matter how impractical it is) is just to create.

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