Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better late then never. This is one of the projects from Book Arts Fall 2008 semester. Just a silly little accordian style book with a sushi menu. The menu is letter pressed and just reads Tamago Roll .... 3.95 so on so forth. To construct the book it took a surprisingly long time. To press the paper took the least amount of time. As i'm in my last semester of college (and continued onto Advanced Book Arts) i'll have more projects and broadsides to put up (right now i've got one 98% finished - just need to sign and number them) . As the college is taking some major hits from the economy this may be my last chance to do a wonderful and unique class like Book Arts and damn, that's depressing. The Black Rock Press is the only letter press in Reno. Next one over is in San Fran.
i will use my time this semester wisely, and kick out a butt load of projects.

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