Thursday, December 04, 2008

MMMmm, So pink it makes your teeth ache. I didn't even know I had a pink Christmas tree so imagine my happiness after digging through boxes and I pulled out THIS baby! Plus I have plenty of hot pink ornaments, joy! The round ones with the crimped tops are the famous Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments which you can still find in just about any second hand store (I mean hey, thats where I found 99.9% of my collection) The slightly not-so-round SUPER hot pink ones are actually a little older with Poland on the really, tiny tops - putting them in about the 1920's.
Mr. Pink Tree I got on sale at Linens n' things a couple of years ago.

I love close-ups. FEEL the pink-ness, gaze upon the lustrous pearly beauty of it, like a piece of Bazooka Joe's bubblegum. mmmm, yes kitsch in pink.


SheWalksSoftly said...

I'm a big fan of the pink & black color combo. I've always wanted a mini pink tree to put black ornaments on. It's SO wrong, it's almost right. :-) said... previous comment had me logged into my blogger account, which I never used!