Monday, December 01, 2008

The Merry Month of Christmas Kitschness

We're going to try something new here at Black and White. Seeing how I'm a horder and a packrat by nature I have a most massive, fantastic collection of things. What's the fun of collecting things if you can't share them and shock and amaze other people with your magpie-ness (Or is that tasteless-ness)? So for the month of December I'm showing off one of my greatest collections: Christmas Kitsch. So, get ready for a month-long horror fest of odd things, pretty things and things that make you wonder about the oxygen depraved mind that came up with them in the first place - objects of Christmas that all date before 1965-ish.

Lets kick her off with a massive eye-sore i like to call:
The Wreath of freaky Santa/Elf Kitschness

I'd put it on my front door but I know the drunks next door would run off with it and then my collection of the last six years of weird, oddly sinister looking Santas and Elves would be gone and how can you replace something like that? (Or for that matter how would you explain it to the police?) A closer look:

The Santa and Elf on the far left look like they're having a jolly little conversation; or plotting on world domination - one or the other. How in the world these passed as cute in the fifties is beyond me. Especially the one in the middle who strongly resembles one of the creatures from that movie Troll (or Troll 2, take your pick). So when, or if, you see one of these at a thrift store or flea market you know they came from the fifties - Cute was popular then and in the Victorian age (as was a really odd interest in the occult and clowns - oh God, clowns at Christmas).

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh...I'm going to enjoy December here! I truly love holiday kistch, and can't wait to see what you post. I'll probably send people over here to take a look!