Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boredom is not tolerated here at Black & White therefore management has come up with a new theme for today: People who Take Photographs of Themselves Eating Sushi and Then put it on the World Wide Web.

It's really true; the web is a marvelous and terrifying thing. Powerful knowledge is at your fingertips! The seven wonders of the earth, history, art, cooking, mathematics - all at your disposal! And, odd things like this -

Have you ever watched someone shove food down their throat? It's really quite disgusting; saliva, and chomping and little bits flying everywhere, there's a REASON why you shouldn't put things like this on the internet (besides the fact that mean people like me will take advantage and post your shame to the world)

Horrifying for people squicked out by mastication but hi-LARious for those of us with a really weird sense of humor (and come ON - how can you look at these photos and not be amused?) Tomorrow, in addition to another strange Christmas object, I have Really Bad Tourist Photographs in which the internet is a GOLDMINE for horrible and hilarious bad tourist pics. Seriously, I need to write a book about People Who Should Not Own Cameras. Till tomorrow.

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