Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Semester Independent Study result. I really can't express the amount of work that went into each drawing. As you can see here I can only fit about 25% of the actual picture, taking a digital photograph kind of ruins the detail. So things that were easy: ummm. Okay, things that were hard: EVERYthing! I would have an image of how I wanted a scene to look and you know when it came out on paper it was pretty much totally different from how I imagined it. Sometimes that was good; the wolf in the bed picture came out WAY better than I had imagined it, the same with the dead wolf. But there are many pictures I am not happy with and due to the time constraints there was no way I could redo them. As it were I redid one picture and almost failed to finish the whole thing on time (I seriously spent 12 straight hours EACH for the last two pictures which goes to show kiddies, don't put things off till the last minute)
I wanted to do intricate detail and good GOD did I ever get it. To all illustrators out there; my hats off to you - its difficult time consuming work. Enjoy.

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