Monday, December 29, 2008

One more small post: I found these WONDERUL dino ornaments out of a Gump's holiday 2008 catalogue and wanted to share them. I wish I could afford things from Gump's (which is a fine gift store in San Fransisco

- fine here having the definition of only the very wealthy can afford their things but for us poor peasants its fun to look at) Each one is fifty dollars (ouch) so no happy dinosaur for me this Christmas. If you ever get a chance to look at a Gump's catalogue go for it; there are many awesome, fascinating things inside.
2008 Semester Independent Study result. I really can't express the amount of work that went into each drawing. As you can see here I can only fit about 25% of the actual picture, taking a digital photograph kind of ruins the detail. So things that were easy: ummm. Okay, things that were hard: EVERYthing! I would have an image of how I wanted a scene to look and you know when it came out on paper it was pretty much totally different from how I imagined it. Sometimes that was good; the wolf in the bed picture came out WAY better than I had imagined it, the same with the dead wolf. But there are many pictures I am not happy with and due to the time constraints there was no way I could redo them. As it were I redid one picture and almost failed to finish the whole thing on time (I seriously spent 12 straight hours EACH for the last two pictures which goes to show kiddies, don't put things off till the last minute)
I wanted to do intricate detail and good GOD did I ever get it. To all illustrators out there; my hats off to you - its difficult time consuming work. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I fell off a ladder but I am better now. or rather, I had a cold (on Christmas Day too, figures eh?). I figured this would make up for my non-posting; the scariest Santa head I have ever laid eyes upon. He's a pitcher and he's winking. I won't even go into the lipstick...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny Tourist Photos: The Eiffel Tower - who seems to attract oddities just like Pisa. Didn't people used to throw themselves off until they banned people from going to the top? Or was that Notre Dame?

Mmmm, Eiffel Tower lovin' makes you think about what your hands have touched and how often you've put your hands in your mouth. Lovely, lovely germs.

I think Freud would definitly have a thing or two to say about the man in this picture.

haha, AWESOME - 80's tourist picture (or 70's - I wonder...)
and some Eiffel Tower oddities:

Eiffel Tower fun! I have just one more entry to make about funny tourist photos then i'll stop.

I like him possibly best out of all my Santas. There's something very jolly in a non-creepy sort of way. I'm thinking he's a bit before the 1950's because there isn't that weird cute sort of feel to him; maybe the 1940's? He's missing his candle light though, or whatever it was he was holding in his hand.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sort of late today, sorry. A very special...angel? with the most frightening face i've ever seen from anything from this era (made in japan on the back) no wings but she's holding a lute and has a halo...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reach for the sky. I read somewhere (and I may be wrong) that these star shaped ornaments were inspired by the space age in the fifties, more specifically Sputnik. They kinda look like the Sputnik don't they? I have them in blue and red too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ha ha, I told you I had funny tourist photos and starting it off is one of the most reconizable landmarks of Italy; the tower of Pisa. Is there some unwritten law of the universe stating that anyone with a camer and in the immediate area of the tower of Pisa MUST have their photo taken with a body part leaning against it? Talk about cheese. Well, it makes for a amusing collection of Funny Tourist Photos:

There is something just WRONG with this photograph.

And I want you to remember this photograph and in particular this couple; I have something amusing to show you.

Santa Globe wants your soul. How is it something so jolly can look so evil? the fact that I placed him in the window? My mother has a huge collection of these (like at least twenty or so) I'll have to badger her about finding them; I think there's an evil elf hanging around somewhere as well.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boredom is not tolerated here at Black & White therefore management has come up with a new theme for today: People who Take Photographs of Themselves Eating Sushi and Then put it on the World Wide Web.

It's really true; the web is a marvelous and terrifying thing. Powerful knowledge is at your fingertips! The seven wonders of the earth, history, art, cooking, mathematics - all at your disposal! And, odd things like this -

Have you ever watched someone shove food down their throat? It's really quite disgusting; saliva, and chomping and little bits flying everywhere, there's a REASON why you shouldn't put things like this on the internet (besides the fact that mean people like me will take advantage and post your shame to the world)

Horrifying for people squicked out by mastication but hi-LARious for those of us with a really weird sense of humor (and come ON - how can you look at these photos and not be amused?) Tomorrow, in addition to another strange Christmas object, I have Really Bad Tourist Photographs in which the internet is a GOLDMINE for horrible and hilarious bad tourist pics. Seriously, I need to write a book about People Who Should Not Own Cameras. Till tomorrow.

Hee, I just found him a couple of days ago. I LOVE finding these things at thrift stores; I got him for fifty cents and he's a ...chimney sweep/pinecone/snowman....thing. Maybe he's leading an imaginary parade? One minor glitch on the Days Of Kitsch posting; currently since school is out for the winter break I am staying at my parents house, away from my kitschness so I don't know how many pictures I can get up. Not to mention the forecast for the next five days is blizzard conditions so getting back to my house may be a problem. But the good news is my mother has lots of antique ornaments I can photograph. Like that crazy Santa head. I guess I'll raid her stash until I get home.