Sunday, November 30, 2008

what happens when an artist has too much time on their hands, a blank spot and a pen:

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: TOKIDOKI and all the designs you see here ARE NOT MINE - they belong to Simone Legno. I just happen to admire the designs so much that i wanted to recreate them on the box. Just so you know.

and the dinosaur is just happy. i was going to draw a raptor (like from Jurassic Park) but i have reaccuring nightmares with raptors for some reason (like they're trying to EAT ME) so i figured a cute apatosaurus would do just fine.


Michelle said...

I love the dinosaur! I also love the style you used here, too. *jealous*

Devicat said...

i love dinosaurs too! you should have seen the look i got when i bought a 'how to draw dinosaurs' book. the lady asked me if it was for my nephew, haha. i got one of those raised eyebrow looks when i said no it was for me.