Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ponderous and slow progress but with dogged determination i WILL get this illustrated. As you can see it's a buttload of detailed work which, surprisingly, takes a long time. As for the awkward (but awesome) size of the paper - 12 X 24 inches long, i can only show you a part of each illustration and in fact i'm still only up to the part where the wolf takes grannies place. Still working out how i want certain parts to look, and, slapping an adult audience label on it for graphic-ness. i'm going with the original story where stomachs get ripped open and there is animal abuse, haha. with a little over a month i still have to get out about, crap, seven more illustrations and get my book project AND (CRAP! i forgot!) get together a study guide for medieval & renaissance class. the unfortunate part about all this hubbub is that all the fantastic ideas i've had since summer get put on the backburner while i take care of this. will try to keep this page updated more often.

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